Sunday is relay day and the teams are set. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and expect a very exciting race on the men’s side while the women’s race will be very predictable with Norway winning.


Unless something drastic happens, Norway I (Skofterud, Johaug, Steira, and Bjørgen) should easily win tomorrow’s relay. The real race will happen for the fight for second. I expect that it will come down to Norway II (Jacobsen, Østberg, Berger and Kristoffersen) and Sweden I (Ingemarsdotter, Haag, Rydvist, Kalla) for the battle for silver after they drop Finland I (Lahteenmaki, Saarinen, Roponen, Sarasoja) in the third leg.

Looking at the start list tomorrow really drives the point home at how stacked some countries are compared to others. After Norway, Sweden and Finland, the talent for other countries drops off considerably. Russia use to be up there too but we all know how they’re getting on lately.


1. Norway (Skofterud, Johaug, Steira, and Bjørgen)
2. Norway II (Jacobsen, Østberg, Berger and Kristoffersen)
3. Sweden (Ingemarsdotter, Haag, Rydvist, Kalla)


This should be a very entertaining race tomorrow and with new looks for all the big teams, it makes the race very unpredictable. Let’s start with Sweden who swapped Södergren for Halfvarsson after Halfvarsson’s great race today. Sweden has also reshuffled their order putting Hellner on the lead-off leg and Halfvarsson on the anchor. Olsson is usually the lead-off, but by winning the freestyle race today, Sweden has opted to put in on the third leg. Rickardsson will be skiing the second leg.

Norway has also made changes to their Norway I team for tomorrow by putting in Krogh on the second leg and Berger on the third leg. Rønning and Northug will be skiing the lead-off and anchor legs respectively.

Italy has put Clara and Hofer on the third and fourth legs while Piller-Cottrer and di Centa will be first and second leg while Russia has demoted Sedov and Chernousov to their second team in place of Belov and Turychev. Canada also has a new look to which Valjas will ski the anchor leg. Harvey will not race tomorrow and will be replace by Nishikawa.


1. Norway I (Rønning, Krogh, Berger, Northug)
2. Sweden (Hellner, Rickardsson, Olsson, Halfvarsson)
3. Switzerland (Livers, Cologna, Fischer, Perl)